Free Range Rare Breed Chickens

La Bresse Gauloise

The birds are highly valued for their gamey depth of flavour, yet with fine, tender flesh and delicious, clean-flowing fat. Roughly 1.2 million are raised annually, but such is the demand inside France that few birds make it out of the country. As a premium product, they sell at a premium price: Poulet de Bresse command around 15 euro (£12) per kilo at fine food markets.

The most typical examples, known as Bény, have a distinctive red crown, white feathers and blue feet, making up the colours of the French flag or tricolore, making it an ideal national mascot. When butchered, the chickens have a clear reddish-pink tone to the flesh and pronounced yellowish fat. Bones are surprisingly light for sturdy, free-range birds.

Poulet de Bresse are reared to exacting standards by small farms in a small designated area around the city, protected under French and European law (Appellation d’origine contrôlée) since 1957 – the first livestock to be granted such protection.

Famous non-French fans include molecular gastronomist Heston Blumenthal, who pronounced the Bresse chicken a clear winner in terms of taste and texture during controlled research for his BBC series In Search Of Perfection.

Fertile hatching eggs available now from four bloodlines

Free Range Pigs

Mini-Maude or Mini-Mabel weaners. Large Black / Saddleback cross weaners available at 8 weeks for all of  your digging and eating needs. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Finished pigs or half pigs also available, slaughtered, butchered and pre packed for the freezer. Free range, non intensively farmed to standards that make organic look like a half hearted attempt at being humane. Our pigs even have toys for goodness sake!

Want a pig but don’t have the space? Would you like your pig to be happy before the apple sauce gets passed around? Then we’ve got a scheme for you. Adopt a weaner and pay a simple monthly stipend that covers all of their feed and upkeep costs. Yes, you can even name them!

Last but not least the famous Ploverha Bricktop Sausage. Sausages so succulent and delicious you’ll wonder what we make them out of. Available in two flavours Bricktop Straight-Up or Bricktop Nemesis.

Free Range Legarth Geese

All of our geese are free ranged with every facility a goose could wish for, including the odd absent minded duck to bully. The Legarth strain is a purpose bred bird originating in Denmark and reaches a finished weight of 16-17ilbs in 24 weeks.Very friendly and docile they really are the ideal goose.

Finished Christmas goose, plucked and dressed

Hatching eggs available now

Goslings available mid May 2013