It takes an age to find the right hatching eggs from the right person in the right location. Over the past week or so we’ve been looking for some quite rare Cayuga duck hatching eggs. These ducks are quite good layers and suitable for the oven, plus they fit one of our main criteria, they’re pretty! So we fiddled about and eventually found some in Insch and Lanock which is a fair distance away but not the other side of the British isles. A consideration we keep in mind because when eggs are posted it effects their viability and the further they travel the worse it gets no matter how well they’re packaged.

Anyhow they arrived this weekend and we made a little video of them being opened or an ‘unboxing’ as its known in certain circles. There is more than a small nod in the video to our good friend Oli from Germany who makes these sort of videos rather more professionally than we do. The eggs are currently settling pointed end down for 24 hours before they go into the incubator where hopefully they will hatch in around 28 days time. In between all of the fun and frolics of receiving and opening these packaged eggs we went out to check on the chickens and lo and behold we’ve inadvertently adopted two more ducks without even trying.

They must have been attracted by our pond and they seem to have taken up residence at least temporarily. So there you go, all that planning and what not and two ducks turn up for free. Typical.

Hello, we’ve come to stay.