So you thought by now there would be pictures of pigs and much guffawing at the squeaky little beasties in their new home. But no, instead you get a reference to Marti Pellow and his classic 80’s band. I can hear your sighs of disappointment from here but the thing is it rained and it got more than a little bit windy too.

We got wet, everything got wet, things that were already wet got wetter. The pigs house had 2 inches of water in it, the porch had about the same,  the roof in the bedroom, the living room and what we lovingly refer to as the outhouse leaked. Collateral damage was incurred. The greenhouse door went for a stroll around the stone courtyard and my laptop took a bath, neither of these proved good for their health. The chickens took to hiding in their lovely new shed and the dogs went crossed eyed trying to hold on rather than brave the elements for that all too needed wee.

We sat indoors surrounded by wet towels and dripping buckets carefully contemplating our shiny new delivery of fencing, in the sure knowledge that there isn’t much point in fencing a run when the buildings underwater. Unless you keep ducks! So for the time being the whole piggy digging idea is on hold. We may have to dig more ditches or completely rethink the housing but at the moment we’re not really sure. It may be worth our while just sitting back for a while and see just how exciting the weather can get. We get the feeling that it can get a whole lot more exciting than it has done so far.

It doesn't say drip dry on the label.